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As soul sisters and partners, if Adoley is in pain I feel it and vice verse. Currently, we are both limping, Adoley due to her back and myself due to a toe injury. It was hilarious as we walked into a major company to present our services and we both hobbled around in unison like penguins. This of course is a reminder from the universe for us to keep moving but at a slower pace. Our affirmation is, "There is time to complete all that needs to be done".
We are diligently moving forward on getting our book to print this Summer. We have our draft written and our moving toward the proofreading and editing stage. Our goal is to have the book printed in late July. We will be pre-selling limited edition copies starting next month. Thanks to all of your help and support.
This week's issue is on the Power of Slowing Down.

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The Power of Meditation by Adoley Odunton

It's a challenge to sit still all day. It can also be painful.  Deb complained that her b--- was sore for days!  Sometimes I wonder why I try.  But then I experience what our minister calls the "afterglow" - unexpected insights that cause us to make meaningful changes in our lives. 

For example, I drive fast.  Since my return, I've moved into the slower lanes and actually enjoy it!  Despite my speed, I wasn't getting to my destination much faster. I was just creating more stress in my life.  Paradoxically, when I go slower, I seem to have more time.  Meditation gives me greater clarity and focus.

For thousands of years Buddhist monks have practiced "metta or loving kindness" meditation. They believe compassion can be taught. Science is now proving that what we think and feel resculpts our neural tissue. It changes our brains. In a recent conference at MIT, science and spirituality converged when the Dalai Lama met with neuroscientists who shared remarkable discoveries about the power of meditation through their studies of the brain. They discovered that compared to non-meditators, the monks' brain activity was substantially increased in the areas tied to joy and enthusiasm.  When they were shown film clips of images used in psychology labs that commonly roused disgust and correlate with the part of the brain that governs negative emotion (the right prefrontal cortex), the area in the monks' brain that responded was the ones associated with positive emotion (the left prefrontal cortex).  Instead of disgust, the monks experienced a compassion and empathy.  A concern for other's suffering had become an automatic response in them.  In a world where 911 occurred meditation offers a powerful alternative in defusing intolerance.

The good news is you don't have to go on retreat to meditate.  You can begin by connecting with your breath. That's why we created our Vitality CD series that shows you how to incorporate meditation into your life no matter how busy you are.  There is a 1minute, five minute and a 20 minute meditation.  Try it, even if it's just for one minute.  You'll be glad you did!  To take advantage of our current special visit or call 310-945-5651.



Adoley is speaking at the National Association of Female Executives on May 13th on Your Life As a Movie.

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Deborah is speaking at the National Association of Female Executives on November 8 on Time Expansion.

Deborah and Adoley are Emceeing a fundraiser gala for the Second Annual Community Recognition Awards Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills on November 18, 2005.  The purpose of the event is raise money for student scholarship funds. For info: or

To book Deborah or Adoley to speak at your next event, call: 310-945-5651 or email




1) Breathe deeply and focus on your breath. Do this daily, even for a minute.

2) Do something you love - walking, dancing, etc. and fully engage in it

3) Focus on doing one thing at a time

4) Get support - attend a meditation class or join a group.

5) Make a habit of slowing down and check in on how you feel - the sensations, sounds,  everything around you.

6) Give yourself quiet time.  Time to relax and just be.

7) Spend time in nature, its rhythms connect us with the flow of life.  



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" Meditation is an effort in the beginning. Later on it becomes habitual and gives bliss, joy and peace"


"If you have controlled your mind you are the conqueror of the whole world."

                                                                   Swami Sivananda



Have a great week and remember with the power of synergy,anything is possible!


Deb &  Adoley